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Lexmark Printer Customer Service

Having a basic printing machine attached with computer is always helpful as it gives you convenience to turn hard copies into soft copies. When it comes to purchasing printing machines, we generally opt for the devices from branded or reputed manufacturers. Lexmark as a printing device manufacturer has gained excellent reputation as well as recognition. This manufacturer is known for offering seamless products that come with many robust or advanced features. Though the devices are appreciated for performance and durability by the users, they are also criticized for technical errors. When you face technical errors, we request you to call us at our Lexmark printer customer service.
Basically facing technical errors or issues with printing devices is a common thing. You may come across various issues due to many reasons. You need to understand those reasons and then they are required to be resolved. For resolving errors, a few important steps are required to be followed. Pick up phone and dial toll free number of our Lexmark printer customer support. We have professional and trained executives who can deliver the best guidance with perfection. In the following section, let us find out some common errors with Lexmark printers and their possible solutions.

Driver Software Installation – Connecting Printer to PC

To connect printer to your computer, you need to install driver CD software first to your computer. For installing driver software, you need to insert the driver CD to your computer’s DVD drive. In case if you do not have DVD drive, there is no reason to worry as you can easily download the driver software from official website of Lexmark. Go to the official website and enter your printer’s model number to get driver software. Download software and then prepare your computer for installation.
To start installation, you need to check a few things, as mentioned below:

  • First of all, you need to check compatibility. For installing driver software for printing device, you need minimum system hardware requirements. If your system does not match minimum hardware requirements for installation of driver software, you would not be able to install driver software.
  • Make sure that your computer drive has enough space for installation. If there is no adequate space, installation would not take place.
  • Problem with certain hardware unit can also lead to installation issues. Thus, make sure that your computer is at optimal state.
  • When you are installing driver software, you should close all other programs on your computer. Keeping too many active programs will lead to errors or hiccups in the process of installation.

What should you do when you face errors during installation of driver software? We recommend the users to call our Lexmark printer technical support. At our tech support centre, we have professional executives who are poised with excellent knowledge and experience to cater the best support with perfection.

Error with Printing Documents

Users encounter errors in printing documents under different circumstances. For their convenience, we offer guidance to experts through dialing our Lexmark printer phone number. At our customer care center, we have experienced personnel who are poised with excellent expertise and terrific technical knowledge to deliver wonderful service to users. Errors in printing documents may happen due to different reasons at different scenario. Some possible reasons for errors are discussed below:

  • Your printer has not been connected or turned on. This is why you are getting document printing error.
  • You may have not installed driver software for your Lexmark printing device properly. This can possibly cause technical errors.
  • The document that you want to print is corrupted.
  • The document that you want to print is empty.
  • The specific document format may not be supported with your printing machine. Thus, convert the document into PDF file format and then hit print button.

There could be various other reasons behind document printing errors. One needs to inspect the errors carefully before initiating any troubleshooting measures. For troubleshooting, you can seek guidance from experts at our tech support center.

Printer Light Is Blinking

If you find that printer light is blinking, you need to understand that there is some error with printer head or laser light decoder. This is quite a complicated situation and you need help or guidance on emergency basis. This is why we recommend you to call us at our Lexmark printer contact number. We have professional and trained executives who can offer the best guidance with seamlessness. Pick up phone and dial toll free number anytime for help or assistance.