How can I Diagnose the Dell Printer Issue 49.4c02?

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How can I Diagnose the Dell Printer Issue 49.4c02?

How can I Diagnose the Dell Printer Issue

Dell printer are known for its efficiency, users will not find any other printer such durable and reliable as Dell printer. Dell printer have always been able to provide quality service to users in addition the system is always designed in a way for the users. Dell understands how hard it is for the users to get directly started with the printers. There are always loads of buttons and the usability process is very confusing and challenging. In order to control these sort of situation Dell has launched a printer which is well understood by the users and can start off printing documents in no time. With the efficient printing speed and its best quality service every customers is attracted to Dell printing. Now getting Dell printer is the first things user have made, we have also decided to take care of the situation which comes afterwards using the printer.
Printers are a very efficient and useful product but if the device is not handled properly than the system or the device will not be performing properly due to which it may cause immense damage to the uses. Because in times when your printer gets into trouble user will not be able to perform any sort of printing nor scanning with the printer. Today we will e discussing about a similar sort of condition with our users. Users may have or may not have been familiar with Dell printer Issue 49.4c02. The issue here is sometimes hard to locate or decide which part is affected. In common the issue here breaks the connection between the printer and computer. Below we have provided the basic and the most common steps which is followed by most of the users. So follow the steps provided below.

Steps for Dragonizing the Dell printer Issue 49.4c02.

  • First check if your LAN connection is working or not than check by rebooting your system.
  • After the printer turns on than users can go for a test print if the connection is working properly.
  • If the print is printed correctly than the issue is fixed.

If the issue remains the same than

  • User must than go to the command prompt and configure your IP address.
  • The next step is to upgrade the firmware of the printer.
  • When the device is ready users must reinstall the driver to make it work.

Fix for Dell printer issue 49.4c02

  • User must first get rid of the PDF and let your printer cool down for a bit.
  • Then restart your Dell printer after the process.
  • Locate for the printing option on your device and head directly towards to PDF file.
  • Type in Windows + P to open the print option and select the advance button option.
  • The next step carries with print as image option and select OK.
  • After the process it will result as the image document.

With the following steps user will be able to clear or diagnose with the Dell printer issue 49.4c02. Applying the steps will eventually clear the issue and user will be able to print with their Dell printer soon and easily as before. If the problem is not solved and users are unaware what to do than feel free to get connected with our Technical Support for solution.

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