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How do I connect my Dell laptop to my wireless printer?

Now with the all new exciting feature, users will be able to connect Dell printers wirelessly into a printer. These process was a long wait function which has been taking some time to work in real time. But now users will be able to connect their Dell laptop directly to their printer. With the new function, loads of time can be consumed in work and other sort of activities. All the wires and cables is also reduced in the process. So there is a huge number of requests in technical support, which users have urged to know and learn about connecting their Dell laptop their wireless printer.

It may look like it is a very hard process or the steps may be very confusing while connecting to the computer. But it’s not the case, as it is not very hard to connect your Dell laptop to your Printer. People do have these false thought that electronics are always confusing. There are options in the way in which you can connect your Dell laptop to your wireless printer. Today we will be looking at 2 different ways in which you can connect your Dell laptop to your printer. One way is installation of CD and other way is by the help of Microsoft windows.

Connecting Dell laptop to wireless printer through CD installation

  • First make sure to turn your printer on and make sure to connect your computer to a wireless network.
  • Next step, install the software driver which came along with your printer.
  • Click yes and next and proceed further.
  • To achieve wireless connection, first connect the wire from printer to computer and disconnect the cable when the system asks you to.
  • After the process of installing, make changes in your settings and you are good to go.

Connecting Dell laptop to wireless printer through Microsoft windows.

  • Open windows panel and open Control panel.
  • Open device and printer. If users have Vista than it is simply named as Printers.
  • Next select the printer which you want to add wireless, and windows will search for any available printer and assigns its.
  • After searching the list of available printer, make sure to select the correct model of your printer and click Ok

With following steps, any user will be able to connect their Dell laptop to their printer wirelessly. As we mentioned it is not a hard step. But sometimes the steps may not work due to various reasons. As there are millions of devices and users, every solution may not be relevant for every device. So in order to get your device connected to your printer, give us a call at 1-855-617-9111. We have experienced Dell Printer Support which will provide you every necessary details and ways to connect your laptop wirelessly to your printer. Our way of providing service is very unique, we don’t just go through the problems as our Dell Printer Technical Support Number investigates every aspects of the product. With these protocols there has not been any false information shared to the user.