How do I connect my Dell laptop to my wireless printer?

Now with the all new exciting feature, users will be able to connect Dell printers wirelessly into a printer. These process was a long wait function which has been taking some time to work in real time. But now users will be able to connect their Dell laptop directly to their printer. With the new function, loads of time can be consumed in work and other sort of activities. All the wires and cables is also reduced in the process. So there is a huge number of requests in technical support, which users have urged to know and learn about connecting their Dell laptop their wireless printer.

It may look like it is a very hard process or the steps may be very confusing while connecting to the computer. But it’s not the case, as it is not very hard to connect your Dell laptop to your Printer. People do have these false thought that electronics are always confusing. There are options in the way in which you can connect your Dell laptop to your wireless printer. Today we will be looking at 2 different ways in which you can connect your Dell laptop to your printer. One way is installation of CD and other way is by the help of Microsoft windows.

Connecting Dell laptop to wireless printer through CD installation

  • First make sure to turn your printer on and make sure to connect your computer to a wireless network.
  • Next step, install the software driver which came along with your printer.
  • Click yes and next and proceed further.
  • To achieve wireless connection, first connect the wire from printer to computer and disconnect the cable when the system asks you to.
  • After the process of installing, make changes in your settings and you are good to go.

Connecting Dell laptop to wireless printer through Microsoft windows.

  • Open windows panel and open Control panel.
  • Open device and printer. If users have Vista than it is simply named as Printers.
  • Next select the printer which you want to add wireless, and windows will search for any available printer and assigns its.
  • After searching the list of available printer, make sure to select the correct model of your printer and click Ok

With following steps, any user will be able to connect their Dell laptop to their printer wirelessly. As we mentioned it is not a hard step. But sometimes the steps may not work due to various reasons. As there are millions of devices and users, every solution may not be relevant for every device. So in order to get your device connected to your printer, give us a call at 1-855-617-9111. We have experienced Dell Printer Support which will provide you every necessary details and ways to connect your laptop wirelessly to your printer. Our way of providing service is very unique, we don’t just go through the problems as our Dell Printer Technical Support Number investigates every aspects of the product. With these protocols there has not been any false information shared to the user.

How do I install my Canon printer to my computer?

Well getting a printer is always a hard task for new users. As there are so many printers available in the market who have been trying to get more market as possible. But in cases where you are looking for a new printer, we would like to suggest Canon printers. Canon printers has been serving for such a long time and users also have been very happy with the service provided by the company. Due to its fascinating looks and easy features more number of people have decided to go with Canon. Printers usually have loads of settings and buttons due to which users gets confused and call over to the technical support for help.These kind of support may not be so much reliable or trusted. In these sort of situation, people like us are here to help you.

After you decide and purchase the dell printer, the next part which comes is installing Canon printer to your computer. It is a very simple process which can be performed by any individuals. People usually think, setting up a printer is a very hard task.There is no any such sort of case while installing Canon printer. We will provide you the basic steps by which after some time, you will be ready to use and print your first document. So please follow the procedure step by step.

  • Arrange an open space for placing computer and printer.
  • Make sure to connect the power plug and USB plug correctly.
  • After connecting the cables, insert the driver CD inside the computer.
  • Open the installation file and complete the installation process.
  • After installing Canon drivers, reboot your device for print test.
  • If the print test is working than your Canon printer is installed perfectly in your computer.

User also has option in case your Canon driver is damaged or not working. Users can manually download drivers from the Official Canon website. To achieve the driver, go to your web browser and open Canon’s official website. After getting into the website, go to download section and open drivers. In the driver’s section, you will find numerous drivers with various configuration. Make sure to download the correct version in order to work in your and compatible with the device.

Give a print test to check if it working or not. If your printer is printing or if you get stuck in any part of installation than you can connect with our technical support team. The only thing you need to do is pick up your cell phone and dial 10855-617-9111. After you make a call, we will place you for a hold till the time our expert is finished explaining to other user. After a small wait, users can keep their question directly to our experts. In this way user will not have to be confused over the steps and call over and over again. We assure our Canon Printer Technical Support Number will not disappoint you with any sort of problem you face while using Canon printer.

How do I contact HP support by chat?

HP is known for its stylish and great product. HP has always been able to surprise its users with exciting models in every sort of product it has released. As HP is also a company which has loads of products for user experience. To maintain the standard and the service of the company HP has worked upon various sectors. Sectors as in technical support, in the past the service was not given seriously or not properly. Users did not get the correct information, rather sometimes the service center makes their customers wait for hours and hours. Due to these sort of reasons support center were not given importance. Now looking at these sort of process going on HP has decided to launch the chat support which will be very useful for the customers.

So now not only by making calls users can clear their problems. Now users can literally make contact with HP support through chat. If user have any sort of difficulty in using HP product than simply following certain steps will allow user to clear their solutions through text. This chatting system is also brought forward because not every user would want to directly interact with strangers. Considering all those sectors HP has initiated HP support by chat. So get into learning the ways in which a user can contact HP by chatting.

Steps to contact HP support by chat

  • Open your web browser and type in
  • After google home page is opened than kindly enter HP official website. Users can also find various information about HP in the official website.
  • After you open the website, there in the dashboard section you will find support, click on it. User can find the location just at top of the website.
  • There in support, user will find various option which describes the solution to various problems. User also has option to make a call at HP technical support or contact through sending Mail.
  • Select the chat icon and a messaging page will open. User can locate the location by identifying any icon which has chatting icon.
  • Here you can keep your queries and problems, it does take some time depending upon when will the company check the message. It normally take 5-6 hours until the officials read your message and replies accordingly.

So, with these simple procedure, any user can get connected with HP support through chat. Now as we mentioned before, the chat may be easier to approach but it depends at which time will your message will be seen. Hopefully HP has been working on making HP chat support more efficient. We would like to suggest to user, if instant solution and best guidance is required than connect with our HP Printer Technical Support Number. You will be surprised with our service and we can assure you that. We have the best technical support who have successfully been able to solve and provide information in a very less time. So if you are also looking for help or get stuck with some problem regarding HP than feel free to give us a call at 1-855-617-9111.

How do I reinstall my wireless Brother printer?

Brother printer are highly used printer which is used by high scale user as well low scale user throughout the world. Brother has successfully been able to provide and satisfy user around the world. Brother printer has many versions and features present. So users have numerous choice on taking their first Brother printer. According to your requirement, printers has been manufactured. Before in the days, there was not so much feature as well every user should use the same product. Now the things have changed drastically, bother has so many variety of products. Now customer is confused in which one to purchase. But not to worry, if you get stuck in such situation, user can get information through our Technical Support.

In the latest new Brother printer release, there were numerous printer with wireless and Wi-Fi supported printers. Now since WI-FI has been added, it makes us clear that we can connect out computer and printer wirelessly. Today we will be providing user the steps in which any one will be able to connect their wireless printer to their network. There are not difficult steps to complete the task, just follow the exact same ways we suggest and your Printer will connect wirelessly. So, let’s get into the steps by which you can reinstall your wireless Brother printer. Please follow the steps along with us so that you will not get stuck at any point of connection process.


Steps for reinstalling your wireless Brother printer.

  • First step is to grant access to the web interface for connection and copy the SSID and authentication method.
  • Next step is to connect your Brother printer to your router through Ethernet cable. The cable stays there until the time your Brother printer set up properly and correctly.
  • Next, insert the CD provided by Brother printer and run the installation file. In the file select the “Wireless setup and Driver” and process further step by step.
  • You will have to select or tick the “With cable” check box and click next.
  • Next step is to select your wireless network with the help of your SSID number.
  • After your setup is complete, unplug your cable after you give permission on the license agreement.
  • Install other necessary drivers necessary according your requirement

After getting the setup done, your Brother will be ready for printing again. With the steps any user can make their Brother printer connect wirelessly. It may not be as easy for all the user. Users must not worry about these sort of situation. To handle errors and problems regarding Brother printer, we are always there to help you out. If you have also been troubled by the steps than feel free to get help from our Brother Printer Customer Support Number. User must follow any such procedure connect with our support. Just pick up your phone and dial 1-855-617-9111. We have expert working staff who has many years of practice in solving Brother Printer problems. So user will get genuine and best solution for solving their error and bugs.

Brother Printer Display Errors

Problem with error has become a major heat at current situations. These issues were not much available before but now it has been increasing at much higher rate regarding Brother printer. It is not a situation where users need to lose their mind. These sort of problems does seem to look like dangerous and hard to fix but that is not the case. After coming to understand the nature, once we figure it out what does the error means. It will be pretty clear how to fix it too.

We do understand how frustrating condition would it be when you are working on huge load of printing task and printer prints out scary errors with random numbers. We have looked over several errors and to make it easy to solve for everyone. Do check the list that has been put front to verify the error and solve the problem. If the error is not listed and you cannot find any solutions than don’t worry drop a mail or contact technical support, your error will be happily accepted any move their process for finding solution or the error.

List of error code which users face while using Brother Printer.

Error E50

The cause may be due to malfunction of the fuser unit and also the atmospheric temperature. To solve the issue, turn off your printer for 5-10minutes than restart it. Check if your printer is working or not?

Error E51

This error usually pops out if there has been any malfunction in Laser unit. Due to which laser beam will not be detected. Turn off your printer, keep it at rest for 5 minutes and try starting your printer again.

Error E52

The error part is connected with a particular art of a laser. Laser motor is malfunctioned in this type of error. The spinning mirrors and motors are causing fault in the system. For solution restart your device and check if the error is solved.

Error E54

Printing function run completely all the drives through one motor, and the error defines the motor has malfunctioned. For such situations turn your printer off for some time and start again.

Error E60

The error may be cause due to your fan. IF your fan is not working the way it was supposed to be than such error is displayed. Try turning your printer on/off several time and check if the fan works. If not than replacing the fan will solve the problem.

Error replace PF Kit

In these case the paper pick-up rollers and separation pads have reached to their final cycle and to avoid paper jam it is best to replace it.If the Problem is same, connect to Brother Printer Customer Support Number and solve your queries.

Dell Printer Installation Error

The process of installation may always be troublesome for most of the users. It is not a hard process but users tend to leave this part also to the company to solve. Dell has managed to cover most of the part by its own. But it is not possible to include facility and it’s a machine which simply defines it can get affected at any moment.

We are taking todays topic towards some of issues Dell printer user are facing in a large number lately. Users have mentioned that they are not able to install the latest driver into the system. These situations are normal so there is no need to worry about anything, make sure to pay absolute attention at the process for recovering the installation.

Before moving toward adding new features into your printer, we will have to remove your previous printer’s driver from the system.

Uninstalling Existing Dell Laser Printer Drivers

The best way to make your printer work better, before reinstalling new drivers, it is best to get rid of any previous printer device which were installed in the device. If you would skip the step than your printer will not be able to connect with computer and other problems are also seen later.

Steps to uninstall previous drivers in your computer

  • Turn on your printer
  • Check whether Dell printer user is connected to your computer or not?

All the necessary USB cable wired/wireless must be connected to printer.

  • Open your print queue and make sure to keep it empty.
  • There are possible reason for printer spooler. To make sure run Printer Troubleshooter to check for any errors and to solve the issue by the system itself.
  • Now, uninstall the printer.

Windows 10

Enter windows + R button together. Run dialogue box will appear, type in appwiz.cpl, and press enter. Navigate on the printer you want to uninstall from the printing listing.

Note: If you don’t find your printer than proceed to g

Confirm removing the printer. After the process you will need to restart your computer. Do save the post and continue again. Open Run again and enter control panel. Open view device and printer. Locate View devices and printer. Hold right click on the desired printer which you want to install. Next click remove devices. User account control window will appear after the process, click yes. This will remove the printer. If there is any other printing device left to be added than click at Print server properties. Next click on Drivers tab and click your printer. Click remove to remove the printer. Restart your device once again and next step will be to install the drivers into your system.

Download & installation of Dell printer drivers.

  • Open your browser and go to the following website. Dell Drivers and downloads.
  • Next you will have to enter the Service Tag in order to load the list of drivers which will be acceptable by your system and printer. Enter your model number and click on submit to move further.
  • Next Operation system appears, from the dropdown list, select the suitable Operating system as per your computer has acquired.
  • Next, in the list file, under the category column, look for files listed with Application or Drivers for OS Deployment which would include word Drivers.
  • Note the name of the file. You will need to know the details once the download is complete.
  • Right click on the icon that appears on top the file that you have just downloaded.
  • You may have to locate where you would save your file, some browsers automatically start downloading.
  • Open the file and run as administrator.
  • User Account Control will appear next. Now, the installation is almost done. Click yes to start the installation and follow the steps as said by the dialogue box. And your new drivers will be installed.

Our Technical service is 24/7 on the line. Call  Dell Printer Customer Support Number if you have any questions regarding Dell Printer.

Lexmark Printer is Not Printing

Lexmark has also been stuck at the phase where the printing is not able to print. It has been mentioned for users to make sure it is not an issue with the printer. In these kinds of situations, there are various situations where cause lies behind the use of the device. You don’t have to give more time for getting the things get right. With some simple procedure for the use of printer can make your printing experience much better than before.

If users of Lexmark printer are having issue printer which are unable to print, must surely be facing one of several issues. This scenario may be caused due to printer spooler service not working at its order or not started properly. Lexmark printer may need to power cycled, by doing this it will clear out all the save print data or even sometimes paper may be stuck inside the printer. Now let’s jump into deeper information about how it may have caused the problem and to solve the problem.

Follow step by step

  • Click start and open control panel.
  • In the search bar type in, “Computer Management”. Than double click on the icon which appears on the screen.
  • Click services > Print Spooler > Restart. The step will restart your spooler service. After restarting the device perform a test to check if your print is working.
  • If it doesn’t work than turn off your Lexmark printer. Take out all the cables connected with the printer. Carefully open your printers cover and check if any sort of paper or waste is stuck inside the machine. Before checking, make sure to leave the printer to rest for a minute before connecting it. Now check again if the print is working.
  • Check the status of drivers installed in your printer. Drivers must be updated to its latest version. By default, the settings are set to automatic update, but sometimes situations are not always the same. If your printer does not have latest drivers, you can install it manually. Go to Lexmark printer website and search for your driver. Uninstall your previous driver in order to prevent crashing. Restart your device and perform a print and check if it is working.

These were the steps if your printer caught into some trouble, but you can easily prevent these situations with simple measure. As you are dedicated to your work, you just need to give some attention to your printer. Even with loads of use and even not using at all can cause huge problems to printer. So it is best suggested, print at least few pages daily. It must not be that hard to look for printing. Users are also suggested to use genuine parts for the printer. As you have made perfect decision to bring Lexmark printer to your place. Now don’t let these issues cause problem to your printer. These are only the measure to follow in order to get attacked by problems like not printing. It is very hard to face such situations where your print stops printing. The information mentioned above is very useful, if you have any doubt on the Lexmark Printer feel free to get connected on Lexmark Printer Customer Support Number.

Brother Printer Black Ink Not Working

Users which lies under Brother printer category, may be well aware about the famous problem of black cartridges not printing or users are not able to print black color. In these condition, Brother printer are also not sure about the problem and it has been common against so many users over the years.

Today, I have decided to look on various section of Brother printers to share the reasons what might be the cause for not printing black. And the possibilities to fix the error and the to look at various steps to prevent the problem. Even though certain kind of problems are seen quite often, if used regularly and correctly than issues are seen very less.

Reasons for Brother printer to not print black.

Various conditions and situations may cause the printer to not print black.So without wasting any moment let’s look at some main reason           before getting carried out by the situation. Users have complained about cartridges, whenever they install a new one’s user seems to find the problem. But let me share a fact, it not cartridges fault for not printing black.

  • “Breather Tape” ensure the term is completely removed from top of the cartridge.
  • Make sure to check your cartridges, don’t let it get dry. Install a new cartridge right before your old cartridge gets dry.
  • When using such a great quality product as Brother, don’t compromise with any components. Make sure you install good quality cartridges.
  • CISS Systems & Brother

User whose printer has CISS filter installed also risk for printhead clogging. Users must be aware, such condition are created due to use of poor ink. And due to the quality the mixer does not have space to do its job. These factors may be the reason for the printer to not print black.

Preventive measures for not printing Black in Brother printers.

We do have a common concept for prevent rather than cure so do try to follow some of the ways by which you can prevent any sort of problem regarding Brother printer.

  • Have something to print regularly, it is not that hard to find any sort of data to print out. In the process the system gets to work on a daily basis which would help to keep ink refreshed.
  • We talked about quality cartridges, so make sure to install genuine cartridges for better performance and to avoid problems.
  • Printers love to be at cool temperature. So find a place where there is not much heat. Heat causes damage to printer, as ink may slip into printhead when not in use. Cool place prevents from such situations.

Solutions for not printing black in Brother printers.

If your printing is giving you a hard time for not printing black than follow the steps.

  • Check if the printer’s breather tape which is located at top of cartridge fully removed or not?
  • Cartridge must be introduced to printer until than the problem will not be solved.
  • Prepare for cleaning components of printer. Clean 2 nozzles on the black print nozzle from the LCD menu on the printer located at printing side.

Note: Make sure to only use nozzle for cleaning procedure for couple of time but not more because it may make the condition even more worse.

  • Print for black images high quality images set at best print mode. This would make all the nozzles active while processing print.

To know more about Brother printer solution, call Brother Printer Technical Support Number and get the service.

Canon Printer Not Printing

After getting used to a printer there are many new features and problem that comes across while using a printer. Printer also performs the work or prints out any content properly if the quality is maintained. Now due to lack of care to components of printer, users are usually getting problems where Canon printer is not printing.

Canon is known as a company which are delivering computers, printers and other electronic devices. Now the printing process goes through connecting USB cable from printer to your computer. Now to look upon Canon printer not printing can be broken down into several parts where we will be able to see the cause of the problem and solution of Canon printer not printing.

So let’s look at the cause and solution step by step.

Process 1

As we came to know about cable connection from printer to computer, apply same process here too. Check if the connection has been made correctly. Mostly users tend to make poor connection and cable does not gets connected to the computer due to which you may have not been able to print.

Process 2

Next possible reason for your printer to not process printing would be due to No paper fed. No paper fed is a condition where there is no printing paper inserted into the printer tray. Check your tray if it is empty, if it’s empty than place the paper very carefully and don’t let your paper get any fold around the edges. Rough edges are also the reason for not printing.

Process 3

Open the document that you are looking, next select “Print”. Thereis always various slots for printing, your operating system allows multiple printer selection for printer, so your default printer may be set to some other printer which may not be connected to your computer. So go ahead on the drop down menu and select Canon printer. And check if your print is working.

Process 4

I may recommend for every user to give absolute attention to this process as it may be the most ital. reason for your printer to not print. And the main cause may be due to driver’s installation. As the software version keeps upgrading in several amount of time. Users must make sure their drivers are updated from time to time. There is condition where old features may not be supported in the newest version. Due to which user will not be able to print any content.

Process 5

The last condition can be taken as in a way, if you use printer in a large amount it might cause a problem and if you use printer only sometimes may also cause problems. As using too much of printing shall make ink cartridges old or it might function less than before. So by changing ink cartridges may help to solve the problem. And ones who don’t use much printer, those printers might get jammed due to less use.

For more information about Canon Printer get connected to our Canon Printer Technical Support by dialing 1-855-617-9111.